Michael Guzowski

Information & Communications Technology

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Warsaw, Mazovia, Poland

Michael Guzowski

Developico, Co-Founder & CEO

I improve the company's people productivity. Yes, I use the IT tools, but my real focus is HOW the companies are working and WHAT their employees could do better & faster. I transform paper and excel into manageable solutions by using Power Platform and according to Citizen Development change management approach. Co-founder & CEO of Developico & Akademia Aplikacji. Microsoft MVP in the Business Applications category. Since 2012 I was a programmer, consultant, team leader, and architect. Now I'm a manager, trainer, and mentor. My experience in is both the IT world and business. I advocate and share my passion with others on Low-Code, automation, leadership, and stoic attitude.

Michael Guzowski

Developico, Co-Founder & CEO

Poprawiam produktywność ludzi w firmie. Tak, korzystam z narzędzi informatycznych, ale tak naprawdę skupiam się na tym, JAK działają firmy i CO ich pracownicy mogą zrobić lepiej i szybciej. Przekształcam papier i Excela w zarządzalne rozwiązania, korzystając z Power Platform i zgodnie z podejściem do zarządzania zmianą Citizen Development. Współzałożyciel i CEO Developico & Akademia Aplikacji. Microsoft MVP w kategorii Aplikacje biznesowe. Od 2012 roku byłem programistą, konsultantem, liderem zespołu i architektem. Teraz jestem managerem, trenerem i mentorem. Moje doświadczenie dotyczy zarówno świata IT, jak i biznesu. Promuję i dzielę się moją pasją z innymi w zakresie Low-Code, automatyzacji, przywództwa i stoickiego podejścia.

Current sessions

The ultimate guide to UX design

The application UX is a key to better adoption. Adoption ties to revenue. This means your app UX becomes more of a product than an internal tool to help productivity. How to create an intuitive design? And what does intuitive design actually means? In my session, I'll show you apps examples ("before-after" effect) and simple rules to follow, in order to increase adoption of your apps (and revenue in the result).

Best for: citizen-developers, IT managers, IT architects, software developers, front-end developers, UX designers

How to overcome 500 items limit in PowerApps

So if you work with PowerApps connected to ANY data source you had to experience or at least read about 500 items limitation. In this post, I will show you 6 ways how you can exceed that limit. Imagine a simple case: On your OneDrive for Business, you have an excel file with ~600 rows. Even though you need only the last 10 rows you will get rows 490-500 instead of 590-600. Why is that?
Configuration missing? Connectors specifics? Delegation? In fact - all of these might be your solution.
On my session I'll show you six ways how to deal with 500 items limit.

Best for: citizen-developers, software developers, IT Architects

#CitizenDevelopment, #PowerPlatform, #ManyProjects: strategy of approach

Low-Code is starting to show up in a significant number of large organizations. Installations often exceed 10, 20, or even 100 solutions.
How to ensure high adoption? What about security?
How to measure the organization's readiness to change?
How to plan communication?
How to assess whether the project should be carried out exclusively using the Low-Code platform, Low-Code + IT support or as an IT project in a standard way?
A session for people implementing the Power Platform who are interested in management and strategic approach.

Past and future events

SharePoint Saturday Warsaw 2020

12 Sep 2020
Warsaw, Mazovia, Poland

Power Platform 24

25 Feb 2020 - 26 Feb 2020

Modern Workplace Conference Paris 2019

9 Dec 2019 - 11 Dec 2019
Paris, Île-de-France, France

ShareCon365 2019

8 Oct 2019
Warsaw, Mazovia, Poland

SharePoint Saturday Warsaw 2019

6 Apr 2019
Warsaw, Mazovia, Poland

March 2019 PowerAddicts Hangout

Come hang out with some #PowerAddicts and also catch a live demo from https://twitter.com/michaelguzowski
Check out our previous month's videos on our YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAYx4z6BPFtUbVHg5Fo6GMg
12 Mar 2019

O365 User Group PL Warszawa #1

26 Feb 2019
Warsaw, Mazovia, Poland

ShareCon365 Warsaw

23 Nov 2018
Warsaw, Mazovia, Poland