Awards in public speaker profiles

Building trust and credibility through verified awards on your Sessionize speaker profile

In the dynamic world of public speaking, recognition for your achievements can play a crucial role in establishing credibility and attracting opportunities. Sessionize, a platform designed to connect speakers with event organizers, understands the importance of highlighting these accomplishments. The awards section on Sessionize's public speaker profiles is a powerful tool for speakers to showcase their expertise and gain the trust of event organizers.

An real-life example of a speaker with multiple awards

Verification Process

To maintain the integrity of the awards section, Sessionize requires verification for each accolade. This verification process ensures that event organizers can trust the information presented on a speaker's profile. The verification process involves linking your Sessionize profile from the award profile page. This link serves as a digital handshake between your Sessionize profile and the external platform where the award is documented, adding an extra layer of authenticity to your achievements.

Once the verification process is complete, it's important not to remove the link. Sessionize periodically rechecks the validity of the awards to ensure that the information remains accurate and up-to-date.

The criteria

There are numerous awards worldwide, making it impractical to include them all. Therefore, we have established specific criteria that must be met for an award to be considered for our list. These criteria encompass both eligibility and technical requirements; inclusion on our list requires meeting both sets of criteria.

Eligibility criteria

  • The award must be global, not restricted to a certain country or region
  • The award should be earned, not paid for
  • Award should have at least 50 awardees
  • Passed exams, successfully completed tests or collected points should not be a criterion for the award
  • We are unable to include certifications, memberships and similar

Technical requirements

  • Award should be automatically verifiable by our system
  • For automatic validation, each awardee needs to have their own profile page and be able to add a custom link to it (so they can link their speaker profile on Sessionize, so we can be sure it's the same person behind both)
  • Award page should not block crawlers (we promise we'll be gentle, once every couple of weeks)

If your award satisfies the eligibility criteria but falls short on technical requirements, and you're open to addressing these concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

My award is not included

If your award aligns with the aforementioned criteria, kindly reach out to us. Ensure to include a link to your Sessionize public speaker profile on your award page and share the link with us.

For awards that do not meet the criteria, we recommend explicitly stating this in your biography. Additionally, keep us informed if there are any changes in the future.

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