Architecting systems for Continuous Delivery

Continuous is a hot topic the past two years, but what are the implications if you choose to implement this in you company? Continuous delivery not only impacts the way you arrange the way you work together in an agile way, you also might to reconsider the way you have architected your systems. In order to enable your team to deliver features at high speed and high frequency means you need to carefully architect your system in such a way that you can easily change parts of the system without having downtime. In this session I will dive into some important architectural concepts that you might want to consider if you are building systems that support continuous delivery. Things I will cover are concepts like micro architectures, leveraging cloud solutions to slowly roll out changes cross scale units, design for failure and use of e.g. circuit breaker patterns and how you can provide real time information so you can see how the rollout of your change affects the product in production

Marcel de Vries

CEO Xpirit Group

Zutphen, Netherlands

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