Architecting systems for DevOps and Continuous Delivery

You build it, you run it!” It is a great DevOps tagline, but how can you make this work in practice?
In order to “run” the software you need to have insights in how your application is doing in production.
You need insights into the performance, usage, infrastructure utilization and new releases that are deployed and their impact.
In this session I will provide you with practical architectural principles that will help you:
Separate deployment from release so you can deliver your software any time you want, without downtime
Get telemetry and insights on product usage, Performance and infrastructure utilization.
In DevOps you also strive for autonomy. You just don’t want dependencies on other teams. How do you design your system to be independent of other system, while still integrating?
I will talk about: how to gather telemetry and performance data, deployment techniques, development techniques that prevent downtime.
After this talk, you will have new insights how to build a system that you can build and run without losing sleep when you are on pager duty.

Marcel de Vries

Global MD & CTO Xebia Microsoft Services

Zutphen, The Netherlands


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