Building, Running & Continuously Deploying Microservices with Docker Containers on Azure

You are a (lead-)developer or architect who wants to design and implement a modern Microsoft based microservices architecture using Microsoft technologies.
You want to transition from a monolithic architecture to an architecture that consists out of small and independent services that you can scale independently on your different develop, test and production environments.

In this one day Workshop we will guide you through the concepts behind Micro Services, Containers and Containerized delivery to help you build and manage MSA based systems.

We will show how to build services and deploy them to different hosting environments like Azure ACS (with either Kubernetes, DC/OS or Swarm), Service fabric or on your own on premises container environment.
Topics that will be covered:
- Microservice architectures on a Microsoft Stack
- Containers & Docker on Windows
- Continuous delivery with VSTS of containerized applications
- Setting up ACS clusters with Kubernetes, DC/OS or Swarm
- Deploying to different environments including clusters
- Adding Telemetry to your system to find issues in the constellation of services
- Zero downtime deployments of new versions of your application, including the database!

Marcel de Vries

Global MD & CTO Xebia Microsoft Services

Zutphen, The Netherlands


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