From 0-60 in a Day with Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms

Becoming a multi-platform mobile developer using just .NET seemed like a dream until recently. When Microsoft acquired Xamarin, they opened up a whole new world of native mobile app development with our beloved .NET framework. But building high quality apps on iOS, Android and Windows UWP isn't just that easy and may seem daunting. Let us guide you on your journey into mobile.

In this full day workshop, you'll walk through the process of building one app for many platforms. You'll learn how to reuse as much code as possible, while keeping the uniqueness of each platform to appeal to the native users. You'll also learn the details of each platform, the app concepts of each platform, because we think building quality apps requires understanding the platforms you're building for. You'll learn how you can architect your app in such a way to share code amongst these platforms and help you get much better ROI than building three separate native apps.

Marcel de Vries

CEO Xpirit Group

Zutphen, Netherlands

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