From 0 to hero, Docker on Windows deepdive

Today, many organizations actively move towards DevOps and continuous delivery. With increasing demands from customers and shareholders, time to market is more important than ever. One answer to the problem is containers and more specifically, Docker. Docker enables a simpler application architecture along with faster and more automated deployments.
In this Deep Dive you will learn how to use Docker in order to deliver solutions on the Windows platform. We will talk about how Containers and Docker work and how Visual Studio makes Docker simple to use throughout the entire development cycle. In addition, we’ll teach you how to implement a delivery pipeline using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) or Team Foundation Server (TFS) to deploy to any target platform. This includes both single Windows servers or multi machine clusters managed with cluster management software like Kubernetes or Service Fabric.

Marcel de Vries

CEO Xpirit Group

Zutphen, Netherlands

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