Pure Consultancy: Mastering your fears like a Jedi

During my career in IT, I always thought that being a consultant meant having to know everything, look smart, walking around in an expensive suit and write thick reports. And of course, charge a high hourly rate, after all, expensive smart looking consultants wearing tailor-made suits must be good, right?
When I started our new Consulting firm a couple of years ago, this scared the crap out of my team and me because a) we didn’t know everything and b) we were developers damn it, with our feet firmly on the ground.
It turns out, a mix of humbleness and a practical attitude made us way better consultants than we thought possible. In this session I will take you along on our journey, our learnings and our “rulebook” to become a great person, consultant, and coach. Based on a set of simple discoveries about your fears and how they drive you every day, I will learn you how to feel them and how you can address them in such a way that you are in constant dialog with yourself and your customer, colleague, spouse, etc. I will take you on our journey from apprentice to Jedi. No code, no demos, just sharing what we learned!

Marcel de Vries

Global MD & CTO Xebia|Xpirit

Zutphen, The Netherlands

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