The role of the Architect: from police agent to lifeguard

The Architect holds a crucial position in many organizations. For the past few decades, this profession has been institutionalized so it provided value to the traditional IT organization. But the world is changing at a rapid pace and what is the implication of that change for you as an architect? What value do you still bring to the table? Agile and DevOps are rapidly changing the workplace, what is your role in this whirlwind of change? Traditionally the Architect held a role where they got to say how others should do their work. Take part in the Design Authority, change advisory board, etc. But with DevOps and the new formation of High-Performance Organizations, you can’t be telling others what to do if you are not part of the value creation process! In this session, I will give you a new fresh look at the profession of the Architect. The role you can play that adds value to the new organization and helps empower others so the organization can produce value at the speed of the business. I will show you how a change in mindset, skills, and trust you can unlock potential in others that you never held possible before.

Marcel de Vries

CEO Xpirit Group

Zutphen, Netherlands

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