Workshop Growth Mindset

The world around us is changing faster and faster. The only constant is change. But how well are we as humans with coping with change? Your mindset is a significant factor in you succeeding or failing in adopting change. What is your response to change? What is your response to failure? What is your response to others who succeed?

In this workshop Rene and Marcel will take you on a journey discovering your mindset. We will show you how you sometimes have a fixed mindset and when you have a growth mindset. What is the difference between these mindsets and why are they important for you to discover and when understood, change based on the situation so you can program yourself to be successful in adopting or even leading in change.

After this workshop you will know that the different mindsets are, how you can detect them and how you can influence your mindset so you can adapt better in an ever changing society.

Marcel de Vries

Global MD & CTO Xebia|Xpirit

Zutphen, Netherlands

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