Automate or get lost - the perspective of the company of the future

The lecture "Automate or get lost - the perspective of the company of the future" is a presentation that focuses on the role of automation in business and its importance for the future of companies. The latest trends in automation will be discussed during the lecture, and ways in which companies can use these tools to achieve greater efficiency and competitiveness will be highlighted.

The speaker will examine various aspects of automation, from production processes, through human resources management, to marketing and sales. The benefits of automation, such as increased productivity, improved quality, cost reduction, and increased customer satisfaction, will be discussed.

Examples of companies that have already implemented automation and have achieved success as a result will also be presented during the lecture. The speaker will also discuss the challenges that companies must overcome in order to implement automation in their operations.

The lecture "Automate or perish - the perspective of the company of the future" is aimed at managers and business owners who want to learn about the latest trends in automation and how they can use these tools to increase the competitiveness of their business and achieve success in the future.

Michael Guzowski

Tech Entrepreneur, Generalist, Do'er || IT Expert (Low-Code, No-Code) || Academic Lecturer || Combine business and ideas with people

Warsaw, Poland

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