Power Platform - Tips for Scale: Based on a True Story

I'll share first-hand experience, lessons learned, and tips to overcome common challenges when scaling a Power Platform project.
Attendees can expect to:
- Learn how to identify the right architecture and approach to successfully scale solutions containing Power Apps, Power Automate and Dataverse components.
- Discover best practices for governance, security, and monitoring to maintain control and compliance, when working in a very restrictive environment (financial services industry)
- Gain insights into performance optimization and managing resource consumption to ensure a smooth user experience (e.g. Canvas Apps vs PCF vs Model-Driven)
- Understand how to leverage the latest updates and features of the Power Platform to accelerate growth and development.

Everything sprinkled with a pinch of case studies, along with the challenges we faced and the strategies they used to overcome them.

Whether you're a Power Platform developer, IT professional, or business decision-maker, this session will provide you with invaluable knowledge and practical guidance to scale your Power Platform projects effectively and unlock their full potential.

Join us for this enlightening session and walk away with a wealth of knowledge, practical tips, and inspiration to scale your Power Platform projects with confidence and success.

See you there!

Michael Guzowski

Tech Entrepreneur, Generalist, Do'er || IT Expert (Low-Code, No-Code) || Academic Lecturer || Combine business and ideas with people

Warsaw, Poland

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