Why should you be interested in NoCode and LowCode in 2023?

Everyone knows that it is worth working in the IT industry. However, few know that IT does not necessarily mean programming. Few are also aware that they do not have to change their career to start developing in a very promising direction. This direction is the NoCode and LowCode platforms. What is it and what is building solutions based on the NoCode and LowCode platforms? Is it more than automation? What do you need to know? How much do you earn working with these types of platforms?
And most importantly: what platforms are worth specializing in in 2023 depending on where we want to work?
I will show the tools, perspective and suggest steps to enter the world of NoCode and LowCode platforms.

Michael Guzowski

Tech Entrepreneur, Generalist, Do'er || IT Expert (Low-Code, No-Code) || Academic Lecturer || Combine business and ideas with people

Warsaw, Poland

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