We build a smart surveillance cam

In this workshop, I would like to build with the participants a SecurityCam software that can recognize the content of what it "sees" and trigger one or another alarm. The implementation of the solution is based on cloud, IoT and AI technologies such as Azure Cognitive Services, IoT Hub, IoT Edge and Docker containers. We will build an AI model together, then query it with code and run it as a device simulation.
With hands-on, the participant can experience the topics of AI and IoT in a practical way and thus gets a better feel for the technology. Through this introduction, he learns how to implement his own approaches or ideas.

Hands-On for creating a Machine learning Model in Azure, creating a Container from that and build an IoT Edge Solution from that for deployment to a device. The participant should be developer or bring developer skills with him/her. Also He/ she should have an Azure Subscription. The laptop, should be prepared with VSCode and Azure Extensions. Also, it will be of advantage, knowing a little bit of python. Docker Desktop is also needet.

Thomas Tomow

Azure MVP - Cloud, IoT & AI - Leadership & Community

Stockach, Germany

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