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Jeremy Meiss

Jeremy Meiss

Developer Experience & Community Leader

Kansas City, Missouri, United States


Jeremy is a seasoned Developer Experience and Community leader, formerly the Director of DevRel & Community at CircleCI, and previously at Solace, Auth0, and XDA. With almost 30 years in Tech, covering just about every functional area including support, system and database administration, application and web development, project management, program management, and systems analysis, Jeremy is active in the DevRel and DevOps communities, and is a co-creator of A lover of all things coffee, community, open source, and tech, he’s a husband and father, and is also house-broken, and (generally) plays well with others.


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Area of Expertise

  • Business & Management
  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Developer Relations
  • Community Building
  • Community Management
  • Community Engagement
  • Open source and community
  • Continous Delivery
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Continuous Integration
  • Developer Experience
  • devops
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Agile Transformation
  • Software Practices
  • Enterprise Software
  • Frontend
  • JavaScript
  • Community Manager
  • Community Growth
  • Tech Community
  • Continuous Testing
  • Developer Excellence
  • Developer Productivity
  • DevEx
  • Developer Tools
  • Developer Communities
  • Developer Advocacy
  • Developer Advocate
  • developer marketing
  • Internal Developer Platforms
  • internal developer platform

The 5 Ws and H of Open Source Community

The term 'community' is used throughout tech conversations, articles, websites, marketing collateral, etc. The list is endless but what exactly is an open source community? This panel will discuss the 5 Ws: who, what, where, why, when, and the H: how - of open source community. We'll dive into each question and give real world examples of our experience getting to the bottom of 'open source community.' We'll discuss the who, the people that dedicate their time to community, the what: technology and projects, when things go well, why things maybe don't go so well, and how to join and get involved!

DevRel needs to grow the f*#k up

Developer Relations has been around in one form or another for the last 20+ years, and yet not a Martian sol goes by without some bickering about which department DevRel should be in, or what they should do, or what the most important thing is, or what vegetable is the ideal mascot (broccoli ofc). DevRel needs to borrow a page from DevOps, and recognize that "it depends."

In this talk, Jeremy will meet these arguments head on, and seek to give us a way forward, in an effort to help DevRel grow the f*#k up.

Demystifying "Developer Experience", and why it matters

A key factor in shaping the productivity and innovation of software developers is what has come to be called “Developer Experience.” We'll begin with an introduction to DevEx, exploring its definition and significance in the tech world. We'll traverse the history of software development, highlighting how DevEx has evolved with technology. Key components, such as ergonomic tools, efficient workflows, and community support, are dissected to showcase their impact on a developer's day-to-day life. We'll look at successful and problematic DevEx scenarios, offering lessons and strategies for improvement. Then, we'll delve into practical tips for enhancing DevEx, discussing better practices and common pitfalls. Looking forward, we will explore emerging trends and future predictions, hopefully preparing us for the evolving landscape of software development. This talk is an essential journey through the world of DevEx, ideal for developers, team leaders, and tech enthusiasts keen on optimizing their development environments for better outcomes.

PowerPoint Karaoke

Powerpoint Karaoke is an improv game where participants give a presentation from a slide deck you’ve never seen. The slide deck is a randomly generated grouping of images which the participant will need to present, while the 20 slides autorotate every 15secs.

I could run this as an "end of day" activity with certain hand-picked participants or speakers.

Moving DevRel forward, in 2024 and beyond

One of the most common topics of conversation, or argument, over the last 5 years or more in the tech community is over what Developer Relations is and/or is not. We tend to spend too much time on 101-level formulas and arguments, while providing very little in the way of actionable steps or a framework to be applied. And do you know why? Because it’s really hard to put together a framework or flowchart for a discipline that varies wildly depending on many factors, which you often don't control. So with all of the variables at play here, how is DevRel supposed to prove its value to the Business?

In this talk, Jeremy will offer up the beginnings of a framework for how we move DevRel as a discipline forward in 2024, and beyond, as well as encouraging conversation.

Confessions of an ADHD-fueled technologi…. SQUIRREL!

Come along on this ADHD-fueled journey as Jeremy tells _some_ of his journey in tech, all while trying to stay on topic. He’ll dive into some of his early days “hunting squirrels” while also keeping the local librarians employed. He’ll also touch on his experiences through the early days of the internet (not ARPANET, but the “world wide web”) and how he learned to “cope” with this thing called ADHD, without _really_ coping with it, until he had to. You’ll hopefully laugh, probably cry, and that will just be from having to listen to him try to stay on topic, while also hopefully gaining a better feeling of how it’s ok to ask for help, and to also occasionally experiment with new ideas and being open about your journey through life.

This session really is more about sharing my journey through tech and mental health, and hopefully it will resonate with some people and encourage others to do the same. It is not a traditional technical talk, and fits more in a keynote or life skills or community category.

Optimizing your development pipelines and workflows with CI/CD

Continuous integration automates the building and testing of your software, while Continuous deployment is an extension of this automation and allows for your software to be deployed after every code commit that passes your test suite. But what do those mean? How can my development pipelines and workflows actually be optimized?

High-performing engineering teams and the Holy Grail

"High-performing engineering teams" are the Holy Grail for every CTO. But what are they, are they attainable, and if so, how? In this talk we'll look at CI/CD data from over 15mil anonymous workflows, and compare against the last few years on the CircleCI platform, and explore this rare specimen in its native habitat - right there in your organization, and how to activate them using some better DevOps practices. We'll also explore some of the benchmarks for CI/CD success, including the role of a Platform Team for your business!

Demystifying DevOps and CI/CD

While it seems that every week new terms appear to describe DevOps tools, segments, ideas, practices, etc., are they really new? And what is DevOps, anyways? Isn't it dead, and Platform Engineering is the new hotness?
In this talk Jeremy will first break down DevOps, its history, and why it matters, and what Platform Engineering actuall is. Then he’ll dive deeper into Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) concepts, and why it can be the key to becoming a high performing team.

Deploy, Release, CI/CD, oh my! Slicing and dicing DevOps word salads

While it seems that every week new terms appear to describe DevOps tools, segments, ideas, practices, etc., are they really new? CI/CD, Progressive Delivery, AIOps, GitOps, TreeOps (not real, but who knows, maybe it will be next week?) - are they all the same, or are they just reimagining last week’s buzz words? In this talk we will break down a few of these terms, what they mean, how they’re used, and why they may matter for you and your teams.

Introduction to Modern Identity

In this introductory talk about modern identity we will discuss the role that identity management plays in modern software development. Modern identity is a lot more than just the login screen and in this talk you'll be able to learn about the different concepts that make up modern identity. You'll have lots of opportunities to ask questions both technical and non-technical.

DevOps before there was DevOps, 20yr old style

The year is 1996. A bright, resourceful 20 yr old Network Administrator at an ISP is tasked with a mundane, tedious project. Said 20 yr old feels he has a better way, and takes it upon himself to get creative. What follows is a quick journey down memory lane to a time before DevOps was DevOps, through the eyes of a 43yo looking back on his 20yo self.

Some of the takeaways here would be that:

1- DevOps principles should be used for good
2- Jeremy should not be asked to build a deck
3- We’ve learned a lot since 1996, and yet we’ve forgotten a lot. Let’s get nostalgic.

Demystifying CI/CD

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CI/CD) concepts are increasingly adopted by many technology organizations and teams. CI\CD enables teams to establish processes that increase velocity, collaboration and quality of their codebase. CI/CD enables developer & operations teams to break down unnecessary silos and gain a deeper knowledge of their respective arenas.

In this session the participants will be introduced to the basic fundamentals of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment. Participants will learn the core principles of CI/CD, leaving with what will be a good understanding of what it takes to CI/CD.

Mentorship, or How to rebuild civilisation from scratch

How really important are mentorship and documentation to the survival of civilization? What would happen if we lost everything and had to start over, say, due to a global pandemic? We talk a lot about mentorship in the tech industry, but what do we really mean? Are we setting people up for success? In this talk, we'll explore my fascination with dystopian TV shows, and seek to answer these questions, and come to some action steps to do our part through mentorship, documentation, and more.

What a global pandemic can tell you about better DevOps practices

In early 2020 a global pandemic set in motion events which none of us could predict. With anonymous data collected from 900k+ devs, 50K orgs, and 60m+ builds/mo we found some interesting insights into better DevOps practices. Since then, we've seen even more interesting activities happen, which shed new light on high-performing engineering teams. In this session, we will seek to uncover what this unique dataset can tell us about high-performing engineering teams, and what trends stand out through the aggregated platform usage.

Community - what is it good for?

Communities - they’re all around us, right? You may say, “Why do I need a community with my software project?” or “What good is hand-holding users of my app or company’s service?” or “Who drank all the LaCroix?” Regardless of your question or where you stand on communities, we’re going to jump right in to our elbows on the subject of communities, what they are, how to build them, and how to keep them.

Passwords. Burn Them with Fire.

t seems that hardly a month goes back that we don't hear about a new data breach and seemingly billions of user passwords are being shared as we speak. How can we stop this? Simple. Stop using passwords. Forget them. Permanently.

Adventures in Community Building

Communities are unique and each have their own DNA. The challenge (aka adventure) for community managers is digging in and mapping out their community’s DNA. We’ll draw from almost 10 years of experience with one of the largest mobile communities, XDA-Developers, as well as work being done with Auth0, and learn new techniques.

Developer Experience is central to DevOps success

Developer Experience (DevEx) is not just describing the "frontend" experience - it's about every aspect of the experience your developers (internal and external) have with your product, tooling, systems, etc. Platform engineering has emerged as this general way to remove developer toil, but DevEx is more than that, encompassing everything from deployment pipelines to IaC practices to developer efficiencies and productivity to UI/UX to even APIs. In this talk, we will focus on some of the principles of DevOps (collaboration, communication, shared responsibility) and how a strong DevEx mindset can bring Dev and Ops together.

Streamlining Developer Experience: The Power of CI/CD Standardization and Interoperability

In this talk, we delve into the core aspects of CI/CD which can significantly impact Developer Experience: Pipeline Standardization and Interoperability. We'll explore the pivotal role of standardized practices in CI/CD pipelines, fostering consistency and reducing friction in the development lifecycle. We will also look at how well-defined pipeline architecture and standardized configurations, can empower developers with a smoother and more efficient workflow.

We will also discuss the critical importance of interoperability in CI/CD systems. Enabling seamless collaboration across the diverse toolsets and environments that exist today is a core advantage of interoperability. This enhancing flexibility, and allows teams to leverage their preferred tools without compromising the overall development pipeline.

The attendees will walk away with a roadmap to creating a collaborative and efficient development culture which prioritizes Developer Experience through innovative CI/CD practices.

Unleashing API Innovation: How Developer Experience Drives Success

Forget just functionality - in today's API-driven world, Developer Experience (DevEx) is the key to unlocking true API innovation. We'll move beyond the traditional "DevOps" focus to explore how DevEx encompasses every aspect of the API lifecycle, from design and discovery to integration and ongoing support. By prioritizing clear documentation, intuitive tools, and a frictionless development flow, we can empower developers to build on top of your APIs with speed and efficiency. This talk will explore how a DevEx-centric approach, aligned with core DevOps principles like collaboration and shared responsibility, can foster a thriving ecosystem around your APIs.

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Confessions of an ADHD-fueled technology…. SQUIRREL!

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"Community - what is it good for?"

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Jeremy Meiss

Developer Experience & Community Leader

Kansas City, Missouri, United States


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