Replacing accountless speakers with regular ones

The best way to turn accountless speakers into regular ones, so that they can access and edit their sessions and receive messages

When adding sessions to your event, you can invite speakers to join the appropriate sessions or enter their information yourself. If you opt for the latter, you'll create the so-called accountless speakers. Accountless speakers don't have access to their sessions, meaning they can't edit them, or receive any kind of session or event-related communication within Sessionize. Because of that, we recommend inviting speakers to their sessions whenever possible.

If you added accountless speakers to your event's sessions but later changed your mind, you can still turn accountless speakers into regular ones. By doing so, you'll let them access and edit their sessions. You'll also be able to send them messages and use other speaker management tools. Here's the best way to do it.

Add a new speaker to your session

First, edit the session where you want to add a regular speaker to replace an accountless one. 

Click Add Another Speaker button and enter the desired speaker's email address. Click Save changes to send the invitation. 

Wait for the speaker you just invited to the event to accept the invitation. You'll get an email notification when that happens. Only then proceed to the next step.


Remove the accountless speaker

After the speaker you've invited accepts the invitation to the event, it's time to remove the original accountless speaker. To do so, edit the same session again, look for the speaker with the No account tag next to their name, and click Remove from session.

Assign session ownership

After removing the accountless speaker, consider changing the session owner from yourself to the speaker you've just added. That's the only way to give the speaker full access to their session and all related communication. 

There are two special situations where extra care needs to be taken:

  • If a session has multiple speakers, determine which one prefers to be the session owner and configure the session accordingly
  • If a session is a panel discussion and you want to handle it yourself, keep yourself as the session owner

To turn multiple accountless speakers into regular ones, repeat the same procedure for every session, as described above.


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