Auto-Scaling Serverless Event Streaming with Multi-Tenant Messaging Clusters

When it comes to distributed, event-driven messaging systems, we usually see them supporting either one of two types of semantics: streaming, or queueing, and rarely do we find a platform that supports both. In this presentation, we’ll first get an introduction and some clarifications of event-driven versus message-driven systems, event streams, and stream processing. We’ll then walk you through how to autoscale serverless applications with the event streaming platform in terms of performance, high scalability, and reliability across multi-tenant messaging clusters along with multi- and hybrid cloud strategies. This session will also showcase multiple open source projects such as Apache Pulsar, Apache Kafka, and Quarkus on how to build the advanced event streaming architecture.

Mary Grygleski

Senior Developer Advocate, Java Champion, President of Chicago-JUG, Chapter Co-Lead of AICamp-Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, United States

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