Building a ChatGPT Data Pipeline with RisingWave Stream Processor and Cassandra Vector Search

Enter the exciting brave new world of GenAI, by building a ChatGPT Data Pipeline that leverages on RisingWave's efficient stream processing write jobs for real-time data that we draw from an X (or Twitter feed) that's been enriched with Astra/Cassandra's high performant vector embedding and similarity search.

We'll explore the exciting ChatGPT world, building an efficient data pipeline that's enriched with vector embeddings as stored on the efficient Cassandra-backed Astra DB platform, and how it can pair with the performant RisingWave stream processor for its write job. We will illustrate a sample use case with live coding, as follows:

* Simulate a streaming data feed from X (or Twitter), we'll be using Kafka as the message broker for data ingestion
* RisingWave will consume the data stream, and perform data analysis
* Construct prompts based on the top 3 hashtags identified by RisingWave
* Prompts will be used for inferencing against a RAG-based BOT built with Astra DB Vector

Mary Grygleski

Senior Developer Advocate, Java Champion, President of Chicago-JUG, Chapter Co-Lead of AICamp-Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, United States

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