The Future of Modern Work

The last 18 months have delivered a paradigm shift in how we work, seeing first of all a huge shift to remote work, followed by a gradual move to hybrid working.

Alongside this, we've also seen a huge decrease in general wellbeing and mental health of our global workforce - our working day has lengthened, we all have more Teams meetings in our diaries, we send and receive more chat messages than ever, and the digital overload we all experience on a daily basis is continuing to have a negative impact.

In this session, I'll talk to you about the future of modern work, with a focus on collaboration, productivity and the employee experience. I'll look at how we can use tools like Teams and SharePoint in a smarter way, and how Microsoft Viva will give us the ability to manage our wellbeing, workload and productivity more effectively. I'll also touch on the future of hybrid meetings, and share tips for how we can be more intentional about how and where we work, to ultimately ensure we're more effective while also minimising the impact of digital overload.

Technologies in this session will include Teams, SharePoint and Viva.

Zoe Wilson

Global Modern Work Data, Apps & Workflow Practice Lead, Executive

Nottingham, United Kingdom

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