Why Sessionize is a great fit for event agencies

Discover how Sessionize can help streamline event organization for any type of client and simplify your day-to-day operations

With a wide variety of clients, each with specific needs and expectations, event agencies have a tough job ahead. Sessionize is here to take a massive load off of your shoulders, by providing you with an event content management platform and various tailor-made features that enable you to intuitively organize and thoroughly manage your event's content. We think we recognize your needs, and offer what's needed to meet them.

Over 100,000 speakers are currently using Sessionize to apply for events, giving you a great incentive to use Sessionize to organize your events. Experienced speakers will be able to apply through a platform they already use, know, and love.


1. Addressing your biggest challenges, because we dealt with them too

Sessionize was created by seasoned speakers and event organizers. In more than 20 years of experience, we ran into just about every challenge one could think of, both from an organizer and event attendee perspective. We used that knowledge to develop a software platform that tackles the most common such issues, along with many other, less obvious ones. You know what they are.

  • Complicated and user-unfriendly Call for Speaker forms. Unlike generic CfS solutions, Sessionize lets you create a Call for Speakers page that's tailor-made for your event. You can add custom session and speaker fields to your CfS form and easily gather any piece of information you find relevant
  • No idea if your submission was accepted or not. Event organizers using Sessionize have a way of quickly informing speakers of their session(s) being accepted or declined
  • Unclear and time-consuming session evaluation procedure. Sessionize offers three ways of evaluating sessions, giving organizers and their teams multiple ways of determining which sessions fit their event best. At the same time, their speakers will have a clear idea of the submission selection process, making the entire experience completely transparent
  • Lack of communication from the organizer. With our Group mailing system, you can easily keep your speakers up to date with everything relevant to their participation in your event, and collect additional data from them, if necessary

These are only the tip of the iceberg. Sessionize offers countless other features, big and small, to make your day-to-day event management operations easier.

2. Build your team with no member limits or added costs

Different events require varying team sizes. In Sessionize, there are absolutely no limits to the team size, and you can add as many team members as you need, without extra cost. Whether your event is managed by a single person or multiple members of your team with different assigned roles, you can focus on the event rather than worry about potential budget constraints. Our team roles also give you a simple way to add your clients to their events. The reverse is true as well; your client can easily give access to their event to your event agency, too.

3. Easily duplicate an event for its future edition

Crafting the blueprint for a successful event demands time and attention to detail. Sessionize simplifies this process by enabling event duplication. No need to start from scratch with every new event. This not only saves time but also maintains consistency across event editions, giving your clients the confidence of a tried-and-true formula.

4. Harness the power of lists to establish your relevance

Your clients strive to prove their relevance in the field of expertise on which their events focus. Help them achieve that goal easier with our Lists feature, which lets you group and promote both speakers and events. There are numerous clever ways to use Lists. For example, you or your client can create a list of speakers who are proven experts in a particular field. By doing so, you'll affirm them as excellent picks for events that focus on that field of expertise. Through that, you'll promote yourself as someone who recognizes great speakers and cares for the community.

Another more obvious way to prove your relevance with the Lists feature is to create a list of events you or your clients successfully organized. The more good work you do, the larger that list becomes, and the easier your future event organization endeavors get.

5. Transparent pricing with no unpleasant surprises

Sessionize charges a flat $499 per-event fee. This fee includes full access to the entire platform and all of its features. There are no hidden costs or “gotcha” moments of any kind. We'll never ask you to pay anything other than the aforementioned $499 fee. Our goal is to let you fully focus on your event, rather than worry about your costs potentially piling up after you already paid to use Sessionize.

Event agencies that organize five or more events annually are welcome to contact us to discuss bulk discounts. We offer custom pricing plans including discounted prepaid package deals, which you're welcome to use for multiple different clients.

We also offer a trial mode, which is both free and fully transparent to use, as it lets you experience Sessionize in all of its glory, without stripping any of its functionality.

Like what you see? Contact us today to find out why Sessionize is loved by speakers, event organizers, and event agencies alike.


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