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Information & Communications Technology

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Oslo, Norway

Get a holistic view of your company with business capabilities

Did you know that there are large corporates out there with hundreds of customised versions of the same ERP system built by different teams serving the same purpose? Or, have you observed shadow IT, where business departments take matters into their own hands when not getting attention in the IT department?

Complex legacy architecture all too often reduce the competitive edge and business agility in large organisations, as well as becoming both more costly to maintain and expand upon. Resolving service problems takes a long time and new initiatives to fix and improve takes too long to realise, if at all.

Value stream mapping and business process diagrams may provide some insight, but they will not necessarily give you the proper context as duplications and bias in your ecosystem often is well hidden. You lack the necessary situational awareness.

When walking out of this workshop you will have the tools needed to gain a holistic view of your company, including the ability to map out IT's current situation and how to get you to where you want to be. All based on the company's business strategy, as the IT strategy is nothing more than a way to secure your company's sustainability and success.

Trond Hjorteland

Senior IT Consultant and sociotechnical facilitator.

Trond is an IT architect and sociotechnical facilitator from the consulting firm and has many years’ experience working with large, complex, and business critical systems, primarily as a developer and architect on middleware and backend applications. His main interests are service-orientation, domain-driven design, event driven architectures, and open sociotechnical systems, working in industries like telecom, media, TV, and public sector. His mantra: great products emerge from collaborative sense-making and design.

Trond tweets at @trondhjort and blogs at

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