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  • Build your speaker profile with the full history of your speaking activity and details

  • Add biography, links, awards, area of expertise and topics you cover

  • Maintain all your talks in one place — add external talks and share with others

  • Multiple languages support for sessions and speaker biography

  • Embed your sessions or events list directly on your site

  • Add all your events to your favorite calendar application

  • Use social, company or school account to login or create a classic account

  • Track the status of your submissions in one place

  • Withdraw a session when you're forced to cancel

  • Discover events that match your profile

  • Submit sessions to Sessionize events with just a few clicks

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So glad more and conferences are using @SessionizeCom - it makes submitting session so much easier and I can easily track the status of the talk. Please let every conference use this awesome platform!

All conferences should use @SessionizeCom, all conferences. It makes speakers life so simple. Love it.

I'd like to say that if you're running a community conference that has a CFP, I cannot recommend Sessionize highly enough as a submitter. One of the best submission experience I've ever had, hands down.

BTW can I just say here that is the best way to organize your talks even if you cannot use their site to submit your talk. Even when conferences do not use it, I send them my profile from sessionize. It's great.

@SessionizeCom is the GOAT 🐐 We use it at @WeAreDevs and it's an absolute delight working with it - for speakers and organizers ❤️

@SessionizeCom I love @SessionizeCom both as a speaker and an organiser. The whole flow of the platform is just right. If you’re an organiser, it gives you so much guidance too.

42,000 speakers have public profiles with vanity URLs

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Fabio Franzini Christopher Gill Orestis Meikopoulos Michael Durkan 🇮🇪 Håkan Silfvernagel Christian Buckley Ginger Grant Hannes Lowette Mihaela-Roxana Ghidersa Marco Parenzan Chris Klug Oleg Šelajev Bronwen Zande Peter Klapwijk Elizabeth Fuentes Leone Jakob Ehn
Glenn Reyes Kieran Jacobsen Antonio José Soto Rodriguez Adrià Ariste Santacreu Ixchel Ruiz Himanshu Singh Sander van de Velde Rie Merritt Douglas Romão Toni Pohl Dave Stork Jesse Loudon Melissa McKay Steve Gordon Joel Tosi Marius Solbakken Mellum
Simon Martinelli Lucas Santos Gianni Castaldi Mikey Bronowski Baruch Sadogursky Scott Sauber Gora Leye Esther Barthel Matt Gordon Darrell Webster Vaibhav Gujral Heather Downing Ignacio Barrau Aaron Cutshall, DHA, MSHI Daniel Glenn Natalie Johnson

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Organizer Features
  • The simplest submission experience possible for speakers

  • Smart voting mechanism to select the best content for you event

  • Communicate with speakers. Send them info, surveys and invites

  • Drag and drop sessions to build your schedule

  • Mobile app with schedule where attendees can set favorites

  • Cloud based, safe and easy. Fair and simple pricing

  • Smart Task List that will guide you through the whole process

  • Embed schedule, speakers and sessions on your website